Industry Insight

Below is the outline of my talk at the latest AE & C4D meet up:
Thank you James for inviting me to moan after work on a Tuesday night, i will start by showing you my showreel.
I work in a small agency in Chiswick specialising in training, events and delivering learning solution to corporate business. I
work on promos, event opening, identity stings, banners, brochure, posters…you might ask, hang on a minute…
 I thought you said you are a motion graphic designer? Then what do I have to do with all these print stuff?
The design industry has a lot of grey areas, what is described in your job title does not justify all the work you do. Graphic designers are expected to do coding. Illustrator are expected to do animation. Motion designer are expected to do video editing. In my case, I am doing a bit of everything while doing animation is where my passion lies. It seems to be a norm that creatives are expected to do so much more, and the designs are becoming more diverse as a result.
I am not moaning that I am doing too much or not doing enough. I think it is great that we get all these opportunities to explore various areas of design.
But the question is if the new skills is beneficial to our career?
Yes because it allows you to understand what the process of the other half. You learn how to work better, or tailor the way you work to create a more dynamic collaborations when you get to work with other creatives.
No because I am all bombarded with all these skills and as time goes by, I don’t even know what I am good at anymore. Am I still an animator, or now I am a video editor, or perhaps art director?
I think it is key to know your goal and who you want to become. Keep learning about other areas of design and keep the inspiration flowing. But not to forget the skills you had also need your attention to polish, refined. Don’t learn new softwares or new skills for the wrong reason, make sure what you are learning is related to your goal.

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